When Speaking of the Ineffable


When Speaking of the Ineffable

Like Philo of Alexandria over a millennium before him, Maimonides boldly asserts that the negative attributes of God represent the true attributes.[1] Thus, when we say that “God exists,” that means to say that He is not nonexistent; ...

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A Kashrut Primer

What is the origin of the term “kosher”? What does it take to make an animal “kosher”?

It may seem strange to the reader, but the term “kosher” only appears twice in the entire Bible (and in the only place where it appears, it does not pertain to food!! Originally “kasher” meant “to be right and proper” (as in Esther 8:5), or “to prosper” (cf. Ecc. 11:6). As a noun, it connotes, “skill,” or “success” (Ecc. 2:21; 4:4), or “advantage.” The ...

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Why is God's Name is treated so disrespectfully?

Why is God’s Name is treated so disrespectfully?

I suspect it probably has a lot to do with the way religious people’s behavior. If people acted with more reverence, God’s Name would be more hallowed and sanctified, but today we see that it is quite the opposite.

Rabbinic legend has it that the world shook when God told the Israelites not to falsely use His Name. The allegorical and moral significance of this statement ought to be clear especially in light of ...

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The Septuagint’s Reading of the Shema

Q. This is my first post to this message board. My question is simple. When the sacred authors wrote the words in the Septuagint “Hear, O Israel” were they normally speaking to the local community of Israel or the scattered children of Israel?

What is Wrong with Gaza?

About ten days or so, the Middle East scholar Micah Halpern ( spoke at an Israel Bonds Dinner we had; he was articulate and most impressive! Later that week, I share some of the comments he made at our synagogue:

One Year After Gaza
By Micah Halpern

Saturday June 14, 2008

I’ve Been Thinking:

Today is the first anniversary of the Hamas coup in Gaza.
One year since Hamas emerged victorious over Fatah in Gaza.
Unlike many anniversaries, this anniversary ...

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