What can you tell me about the Kabbalistic Doctrine?

The Nature of the Spiritual Universe

Q. What can you tell me about the Kabbalistic Doctrine of the Ten Sefirot? How do they relate to the human body?

A. You’ve asked a tough question, but here goes! One of the great problems Jewish mystics grappled with is the question of how an utterly transcendent and ineffable God can be related to a cosmos? How can the One be the source for the many? ...

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Conversation with Spinoza II

In his writings, Spinoza sometimes operates on the assumption that there is essentially one interpretation of the Tanakh, which in essence denies the polyvalence of a  text’s meaning. Modern hermeneutics expands the nature of interpretation far more comprehensively than Spinoza could have ever imagined possible. In addition, language is not as monocular as Spinoza envisioned.

Perhaps if Spinoza witnessed the birth of psychoanalysis (Freudian and Laconian) and depth psychology (of the Jungian variety), undoubtedly he ...

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Conversation with Spinoza: Spinoza’s Interpretation of the Peshat.

No Jewish philosophy of biblical interpretation would be complete without mentioning the thoughts of Baruch Spinoza (1632–77), who deservedly is the one of the founding fathers of modern historical criticism. He was the first modern Judaic thinker to encourage the reader to move away from the traditional rabbinic and ecclesiastical authorities who defined the meaning of the text for their generations. He encouraged each person to make a scientific examination of the biblical ...

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