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Post-traumatic Stress and the American Soldier

Q. I have a very close friend who is Jewish (Conservative). He is deeply religious and his faith is the foundation of his entire life; it provides the context for his close relationship with his family and motivates his work. The Torah is very important to him.

As part of his duty he served and played a key role in the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 and was on the ground there for several months. Since his return he has ...

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A poet's endorsement of the new Genesis commentary


The journey to wholeness may not be lacking in terrors, but it exerts an equally compelling fascination. Metaphors for our desire to be reunited with the mystery from which we come abound throughout world culture; often it begins with a traumatic separation from the source. The Quiche Maya tell us that the gods ...

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Preparing for the Ninth of Av

Well it’s that time of the year again! Tisha B’Av – the time of the year when we remember the tragic loss of the Temple. Recently, there was news in the Jerusalem Post about a group of Chabad rabbis getting together to discuss the specific plans that would have to take place in order to rebuild the Temple of old. Obviously, as the article pointed out, the Muslims were quite upset. ...

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