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Banning Women from Funerals?

Recognizing the Face of Haman

There is a peculiar law in the Talmud regarding the reading of the Megillah (the Book of Esther): “Anyone who reads the Megillah backwards has not fulfilled his obligation.” Why such a strange law? Why would anyone want to read the story of Esther backwards? Some rabbis have suggested over the ages that anyone who thinks the story about Haman’s murderous plot to destroy the Jewish people is passé would be wise to pay better attention to the events that ...

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Fighting the Just War: The War Against Hamas

Fighting the Just War: Special Column for the Quad-Cities Times Paper

byline Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel

Imagine how Americans would feel if terrorists from the town of Tijuana shot 8000 missiles a year into San Diego; or imagine if Ukrainian terrorists attacked Russian cities with a barrage of 20-40 missiles a day. How would Putin react? How would any self-respecting country react? Every government has the duty and responsibility to protect its citizens. Wars of self-defense are fought for this express purpose. ...

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