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Hassidic Rabbi sentenced 50 years for child abuse

Banning Women from Funerals?

Fighting the Just War: The War Against Hamas

Fighting the Just War: Special Column for the Quad-Cities Times Paper

byline Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel

Imagine how Americans would feel if terrorists from the town of Tijuana shot 8000 missiles a year into San Diego; or imagine if Ukrainian terrorists attacked Russian cities with a barrage of 20-40 missiles a day. How would Putin react? How would any self-respecting country react? Every government has the duty and responsibility to protect its citizens. Wars of self-defense are fought for this express purpose. ...

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What is the meaning of the "goodly fruit" of Lev. 23:40?

Q. What is the meaning of the “goodly fruit” of Lev. 23:40? Does it really refer to the citron as the rabbis teach? I have friend who is a Horticulture at Southern Florida College, who doubts this association.

“The “etrog” of the Jews, used in the Feast of Tabernacles, is not mentioned in the Bible. It probably did not reach Palestine until after the time of Alexander the Great, and was not used by the Jews in fulfilling the prescriptions as ...

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Post-traumatic Stress and the American Soldier

Q. I have a very close friend who is Jewish (Conservative). He is deeply religious and his faith is the foundation of his entire life; it provides the context for his close relationship with his family and motivates his work. The Torah is very important to him.

As part of his duty he served and played a key role in the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 and was on the ground there for several months. Since his return he has ...

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