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Banning Women from Funerals?

What is the meaning of the "goodly fruit" of Lev. 23:40?

Q. What is the meaning of the “goodly fruit” of Lev. 23:40? Does it really refer to the citron as the rabbis teach? I have friend who is a Horticulture at Southern Florida College, who doubts this association.

“The “etrog” of the Jews, used in the Feast of Tabernacles, is not mentioned in the Bible. It probably did not reach Palestine until after the time of Alexander the Great, and was not used by the Jews in fulfilling the prescriptions as ...

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Masonic Traditions and the Jews

Q. I am doing my PhD. in the field of Jewish Studies. In this connection I am interested in the history of Jews in masonic lodges. As – according to my knowledge – there is at least in the higher degrees of the Scottish Rite quite a lot of Christian symbolism, I wonder, if there is any halachic ruling concerning the membership of Jews in masonic lodges. Could you help me here?

A. Good question. Until now, I never really researched ...

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Post-traumatic Stress and the American Soldier

Q. I have a very close friend who is Jewish (Conservative). He is deeply religious and his faith is the foundation of his entire life; it provides the context for his close relationship with his family and motivates his work. The Torah is very important to him.

As part of his duty he served and played a key role in the invasion of Iraq in March 2003 and was on the ground there for several months. Since his return he has ...

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A poet's endorsement of the new Genesis commentary


The journey to wholeness may not be lacking in terrors, but it exerts an equally compelling fascination. Metaphors for our desire to be reunited with the mystery from which we come abound throughout world culture; often it begins with a traumatic separation from the source. The Quiche Maya tell us that the gods ...

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